Introduction Talk 

The introduction talk is a great way for you to see if you want to learn to meditate and if it feels right for you to learn with me. 

The Introduction Talk covers: 

  • A little about me and my journey with Meditation

  • The what, why and how of Meditation

  • Details of my upcoming '1Giant Mind' 3-Day Learn Meditation Courses

The Introduction Talk is:

  • Free

  • Suitable for all experience level

  • Tailored to the needs of the audience

  • Free of any obligation to sign up



Learn Meditation Course 

Come and learn the simple, effortless meditation technique and how to make it a daily habit. 

The 3 day course covers:

  • How to meditate

  • How to make meditation a daily habit

  • What "Being' is and it's value on our daily lives. 

The course is: 

  • Taught over 3 x 90 minute consecutive sessions.

  • Suitable for for everyone no matter where you are on your meditation journey. 

After the course: 

  • One complete you will be completely self sufficient to continue your own meditation practice.

  • You will have access to free group meditations and ongoing support from me. 

  • You will have access to free course refreshers for life. 

Private and workplace courses available upon request. 



Group Meditation

Group meditations are a great way to stay connected to your teacher and with other meditators. It's an opportunity to connect and to dive deeper into this game changing practice. Available once you've completed the 3-day Learn Meditation course. 


If the only barrier preventing you from learning meditation is financial constraints, please get in touch to discuss further options and payment plans.

DSC_2842 copy.jpg

It has been so helpful with my sleep and overall calmness so thank you so much for running the course. 

Tanya Zail, Student