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  • The '1 Giant Mind' 3-Day Learn Meditation Course teaches an effortless meditation technique suitable for everyone.

  • It is taught over 3 consecutive sessions, each approximately 90 minutes.

  • The course will equip you to  be completely self sufficient to continue your own daily meditation practice. 

  • It is perfect for those who think they can't meditate.

  • Courses available in-person & online. Group and private courses available.  

  • Ongoing support and group meditations.

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Meditation has a seriously profound effect on our mind and body, cultivating greater self awareness and causing deep rest that removes stress in our system reducing anxiety, fatigue, improving focus and overall happiness and well-being. 

The 1 Giant mind being technique is the perfect entry point into meditation that can be practiced by anyone , anywhere at any time. 

I tried a few different meditation techniques and it wasn't until I found the 1 Giant Mind "Being" Technique that I was able to make meditation a daily habit and start to see some real benefits.

Learning this technique, you'll no longer need to rely on apps or guided meditation. You'll become completely self sufficient in a practice that is so simple yet so effective. 


Do you want to experience less stress and more joy?


Hey, I'm Jazz Kalus.
I love nature, pasta, the 'Mamamia OutLoud' podcast, 'Schitts Creek', 'The Untethered Soul', and supporting people to become  empowered.
I have been a Social Worker for 8+ years, currently working as a Multicultural Youth worker supporting young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. Being a Social Worker, I have become acutely aware of the capacity of the mind to affect an individuals well-being.  My passion for meditation and for the general well-being of others led me to become Certified to teach the 1 Giant Mind Being meditation technique. I haven't always been a meditator. I didn't always get it. But as soon as I did, I knew I had to share it with people.


  • Group Meditation
    Prahran / Zoom
    Prahran / Zoom
    Come together to connect with other meditators and to deepen your practice
  • 3-Day Learn Meditation Course
    Nov 20, 21 , 22
    Nov 20, 21 , 22
    Learn how to become a completely self sufficient meditator and feel all the powerful benefits.


As a complete meditation novice, I was nervous about doing this course. I shouldn't have been as Jazz made me feel so welcome, and so comfortable from the first moment I stepped into her (very zen) home. Jazz was professional, kind, nurturing and patient. Every question I had was answered with care and understanding, and made me feel like I had a partner guiding me through. Jazz's passion for meditation literally shines through and makes me feel excited about my own journey. It really was the perfect introduction to meditation! I can't recommend Jazz enough. 

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- Chloe De Winter, Founder Go Chlo Pilates

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